Monday 29 July 2013

Ignition Issues Sorted

I am delighted to say that after a much longer time than I had planned on, I have found all 17,800rpm within the microsquirt!!

As it turns out the internal noise filter settings that were the issue. They were causing more problems than they solved. I started with running the bike with higher than standard noise filter settings but immediately became clear that was the wrong way to go as the engine hit a limiter at only about 5-6k rpm. I then started reducing each noise filter a little at a time which gave slightly better results every time. Eventually turning them all off altogether got me very close to where I needed to be (16,800rpm) but it still wasn't enough. I was still getting synch loss errors at high rpm.

Further research suggested that simply soldering in a 10-20k resistor into each of the wires coming from the VR sensor should fix the problem. I tried a 10k resistor first and straight away the issue disappeared! Now the engine revs cleanly and smoothly all the way to the preset limiter every time with no synch loss errors recorded on the data logs.

Log below and a ride log and video will follow.

Log of static engine run to limiter showing no synch loss errors through the range