Sunday 8 September 2013

First ride on ignition control

Delayed a bit getting this up so apologies but things have been slow anyway and haven't been getting a lot of time to work on the bike.

First impressions of riding the bike after sorting out the RPM synch loss errors are all positive! The bike revs cleanly and pulls strong all the way to the limiter. I cannot say for certain if that is all due to the new ignition advance curve as I have been running open carbs for testing purposes. (Couldn't be arsed removing the airbox every time I had to go at anything near the carbs basically)

The ride has confirmed that the ignition control is now working perfectly so its ready to progress with the fuelling side of things. Thats a side that needs the most physical work done in terms of pump installation, throttle body manufacture/modification and full wiring so that may take some time yet. I neglected the fuelling side also as I didn't want to use money and time on it only to find the ignition wasn't feasable.

Data log extract from ride showing rev limiter